July 16th

Wow what a week!  Every live music venue in Meridian was hopping with activity due to the Hwy. 80 Songwriters Festival.  I performed alongside Scott McQuaig and Daniel Houze at Squealer's BBQ and let me tell was PACKED OUT!  Thank you Meridian for supporting your local songwriters!  

June 29th   I am so honored to have been asked to be part of the Songwriters in the Round at Hal & Mal's!  It'll be on July 8th so if you're living in that area.....COME BY!

June 2017

Okay, so I'm not much of a I have recently made a move back to my home state, Mississippi, and have reconnected with family, old friends, and have made some new friends as well!  I want to send out a big thanks to how the musical/arts community has made me feel so welcome.  This IS truly the hospitality's good to be back :-)

February 17th, 2016

Just recorded a demo with some of my new original songs....all acoustic of course :)  Can't wait to add them to this site....stay tuned for some new features on my site :)  Thanks for your continued support!

January 12th, 2016!!!  Be sure to check out my gallery for the newest headshots!  

August 19th

Out of adversity, inspiration is born and the poetry of the heart is spoken.  Stay tuned

June 17th

Oh my goodness!  I've been so busy I've neglected my blog!  Be sure to check out my calendar of events and you'll see I've got something going on almost every weekend for the rest of the YEAR! I'm trying to branch out a bit, so if any body out there wants to book a show just contact me at !!  Have a great summer! :)   

April 27th

Performing at the Crimson Moon Café this Thursday, April 30th and it truly feels like coming home to my roots....where it all began for me as a musician.  I love this town, the atmosphere, the people, the fellowship among musicians. I can't wait to see some familiar faces :) 

April 21st 2015! 

Spring has sprung and things are happening!  Proud to say that Lux Royale's Production scheduled at the Aurora Theatre has been SOLD OUT!  Woo Hoo!  Myself and some very talented up and coming artists with this production company are so excited to know that we'll have a packed house to perform to!

March 16th, 2015!

Spring is here and if you're planning a backyard bbq or want a home concert, just message me at  Of course food will be expected....that and tips LOL 

March 1st, 2015!

The winter snow has been beautiful in and around the Atlanta area, but it is the bane of musicians who try to find indoor gigs!  LOL  Well, ONE good thing comes out of being cooped up like a cackling hen....MUSIC, SONGWRITING, and DREAMING!  I'm also pretty sure there's gonna be a baby boom nine months from now :)  Keep warm my friends!  LOL

January 3rd, 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!  Resolutions?  Well, I'm going to remain optimistic as possible and keep working on my share my music with others is such a privilege and hopefully one day it'll make a difference to somebody out there.  :)  Other resolutions always include the normal....lose the holiday weight, world peace, etc  LOL


December 6th, 

Had a great time competing at EOP songwriter shootout in Duluth, GA!  I made it to the final 4 out of 22 contestants...and the competition was T.O.U.G.H. !  Made some new friends and enjoyed all the talented musicians that performed.  It's not about winning or losing, it's the journey and what we learn along the way :)

December 4th,

Well it looks like my Christmas song/video "The Forgotten" has received some attention :)  It's a song that speaks of being homeless for the holidays....btw we should ALL be mindful of those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  Yeah, it's a wee bit melancholy for a Christmas tune but it's also a reality check....we should be charitable, it's what HE would want us to do, right?  Merry Christmas and I hope you'll enjoy the song and share it with others :)   I'm proud to announce that this song has managed to get me an invitation from Mr. Paul Ott to perform on a radio/tv show from my home state Mississippi,  You can tune in to the livestream internet broadcast on Monday, 12/22 6 p.m. or watch me live on their local stations!  

November 6th,

Alrighty then!  I've got a new video out "Dancing Too Close" that I want you guys to check out, share it (LIKE CRAZY), and feel free to e-mail me your thoughts.  I'll be recording a Christmas song next week along with another video as well so stay tuned, and remember....your opinions matter :)  

October 17th, 

Whew!  This girl has been B.U.S.Y.!  You gotta love fall and all that the season brings, which is festival after festival!  I also managed to fit in some much needed studio time to start recording a new project.  Big hats off to Groundlift Studio, Bruce Bennett the genious-engineer-all-around-good-guy, and Lisa Guzzardi with Lux Royale Entertainment :)  These people help make young people's dream of creating music come true!  Love y'all!  

September 13th

Had a wonderful time playing at Christy Lee's yesterday.  Later on that evening I was asked to play some acoustic songs at the Whistle Stop for our good friend Jimmy who was hosting karaoke/open mic there.  He introduced me to Craig Reynolds, phenomenal singer/songwriter from Nashville....this guy was a REAL TREAT to listen to :)  After all was said and done, the owner of the establishment booked me for future gigs.  Goes to show that you should always be prepared to play and do your best because you never know who is listening/watching LOL  Good times! 

September 6th

Had a great impromptu playing session at Pine Log Arts & Crafts Fair.  It was great to meet some more local musicians and have the opportunity to share my music.  What wonderful folks!

June 6th 

Just arrived home from performing at a great venue called 4th Street Live in Louisville, KY where I was the opening act for the Judge Talford Band (btw they're superb!)  

The concert was to help raise money for the Animal Adoption Network & the Heart Humane Society...both very great causes!  Here's some pics of the evening....



I wanna give a shout out to Wanda at Body Central in the Towncreek Mall for helping me find the right outfit and jewelry...great clothing at great prices :)  Check out

May 21st

Summertime has arrived!  Just finished up a new photo shoot, so be prepared for my website to get a fresh new perspective as well :)  Music pages are much like gotta change it up to keep it interesting.  Keep smiling :D

Decided to go with a new look :)  I think I'm digging the red!

May 17th

My band & I performed at Eddie's Attic and we had a ball!  Thank you so much for inviting us out!

Left to Right (Trygve, Tommy Pirone, ME, Adam)

May 4th

Had the distinct honor of meeting Mr. Bobby Emmons during my trip to Nashville :)  In case you youngsters are scratching your head, he's part of the Memphis Boys....played with Elvis, a young Aretha Franklin, and has penned such songs like "Son of A Preacher Man" and the list goes on & on!  He even played along on the keys to one of my original songs.....simply awesome :D




March 3rd

Had a great time at The Crimson Moon Cafe' last night!  In case you missed the Songwriter's Showcase go to my Facebook page and watch my video snippet :) 



February 25th


I can't wait to perform at one of North Georgia's premier listening venues :) 



January 10th

2013 a new year and I've got some great guys I'm collaborating with....stay tuned for more info on the B A N D  :)  (No name yet LOL)





October 28th, 2012

Had a GREAT time at Southern Ground's Social Club!  Thanks everyone!



October 23, 2012

Playing the Southern Ground Social Club on Saturday night 9pm-midnight 




September 9th,

Coach Jerry Glanville, ME, Mr. & Mrs. Strickland after my performance at The Crimson Moon Cafe' in Dahlonega!  Thanks for coming out guys!

September 5th,

Crimson Moon Cafe' here I come!  Woo hoo!  So great to be invited to one of North Georgia's listening venues where music is truly appreciated!  Thanks for the invite and I look forward to it!

August 11th,

School has started again and it's my senior year!  Woo hoo!   Life is looking great and I'm looking forward to cherishing this next year and making a ton of memories to last me a lifetime :)   Music is my first love, but I've gotta make the grades too LOL  


July 3rd,

Sometimes the best laid plans STILL go to waste LOL! I was going to perform at a Community Party in Cumming...but Mother Nature had her own plans :)  Yep, it was rained out!  At least we were able to pull off about 5 tunes before shutting it down! 



June 25th,

Check out this fan pic from last weekend at La Cabana's in Helen, GA!  They all got a free autographed pic just because they were simply ADORABLE!




June 24th,

Whoa folks!  Let me clear up something real quick like...I am not the same Emily White that is an intern at NPR (I'm still in high school) who is accused of pirating music.  The web was a buzzing, twitter was on-fire, and I knew I had to let my fans know that I would NEVER rob other musicians of their due...not my style..


June 18th,

I am going to be holding auditions for a band, if you are interested please e-mail me at  Please include a pic, mp3 or video of your performance, and some information about yourself as a musician.  Looking forward to it!


May 27th,

Wishing everyone a great Memorial Day Weekend...please remember those who have sacrificed in order to serve our great country!  Be safe and be proud :) 


May 20th

Summertime!  Woo hoo!  Finally going to have some time to have a little fun, but I'm also going into songwriting mode to prepare some new material for my shows as well as my NEXT project.  Gotta strive for the future!


May 19th

Thank you to everyone who came out to my CD Release Party at Avacados, and made it such a success!  I appreciate the owners and staff at Avacados for allowing me to hold the party there...the food was off the charts and so was the service!  Special kudos goes out to the CEO of Milltown Music, David Hammonds, for not only coming all the way from Ft. Payne to catch the show, but for contributing those awesome background vocals :)  I also want to thank my drummer, Jody White & bassist, Jonathan Norwood for  doing such a great job!  It was a sweet little 3 piece for sure!  


April 18th

Just found out that WDUN radio wants to interview me on May 1st at 7:10 a.m. to promote my new CD!  YAY!  So drink some espresso, and tune in to 102.9


April 12, 2012

Had a great time at the Mellow Mushroom for the 2nd annual Celebrity Server Nite as their chosen Music Celebrity :)  Money was raised for the Emondson Telford Center for children.  Great cause and had a great crowd!


April 10, 2012


Bring your sombreros and shake your maracas because I'm having a Cinco de Mayo themed CD Release Party!!   It's scheduled for May 5th at Avacados located on Gainesville Square.  My band and I will be performing 5p.m.-7p.m. so be sure to join us and stick around to get your autographed copy :)

See you there! 


March 22, 2012

My CD project is finished!  I should have my product in the first week of April and I can't believe how excited I am to share this with everyone!!  We are in the middle of planning my CD Release Party and I will share the details of where, when, etc. as soon as possible.  YAY! 


December 12, 2011

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here and another year will be rolling in?  This past year has just been so fantastic and I've been able to meet so many wonderful folks...and I just know that 2012 is going to be even better!  :)  Thanks to everyone for your belief in me, I know I couldn't be as successful as I have been without your support.  I'll be recording again this weekend (YAY) and hopefully we'll be able to wrap things up, so look out for some available downloads on my site soon!   Have a Merry Christmas, and a S A F E New Year's Eve!  


November 14, 2011

I've been getting ready to go into Cook Sound Studio in Ft. Payne, Alabama to record my demo.  Jeff Cook, one of Alabama's founding members, owns the studio and was also one of our special guests that showed up to watch the ARS concert I opened up for in September!  Can't wait to work with producer David Hammond on my project, I just KNOW it's gonna be great.  We're shooting for a simple sound......there's something to be said for simplicity :)  Yay!!!!


October 15, 2011

This is my inspiration pic!  One day I'm gonna be knee deep in these waters!


September 30, 2011

Got to open for The Atlanta Rhythm Section last night alongside James Arthur.  What a blast that was!  Check out my videos to catch one of our songs together that night :) 

September 27, 2011

Okay, here it goes...I finally feel like it's alright to say something about this without it blowing up (poof) in my face!  LOL ;)  I got to meet Zac Brown after one of my performances and he suggested that I start working with his 17 year old nephew, James Arthur!  Yeah!  So we've been collaborating/working together for about a month now!  The folks at Southern Ground have just been so nice in showing their support for's such a great place to hone my music skills!  Thanks to Tyler, we get pointers & ideas on how to improve ourselves. :)    We'll be opening up for the Atlanta Rhythm Section in Alpharetta on Thursday (3 days away)!  Come out!



September 12, 2011

Looks like I am about to get even BUSIER than ever!  It's all good though, I work well under pressure :)


August 30, 2011

It's been a busy summer, but it looks as if all my hard work is gonna start paying off!  I'm so excited!


August 17, 2011

Okay, just how awesome is it that " I ", little ole me, actually got to record in Zac Brown's Atlanta office!  :D  

I just heard that they're just about to finish up the details, the sound designer is putting his magical touches on it and then VOILA, PRESTO.....I get to hear it.  Anticipation can even give a  16 year old girl indigestion HA!  

Keeping my fingers crossed :)  

BTW, all of you need to try to attend the fundraiser that Levi Lowry (one of Zac's artists) is putting on next weekend in an effort to raise money to help out some of his family that was injured in a terrible crash.  It's a good cause, so log onto zac brown's website to get more info...good deeds always return 10 fold!  

Stay tuned!